Free Wi-Fi

What is the service?

Staff, students and visitors can access the internet on their own mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. via either the Eduroam Wi-Fi or the LJMU_Guest Wi-Fi networks. Typically the University has in excess of 10,000 devices connected to Eduroam each day.

Note: The LJMU_Guest network is provided by Sky. It cannot support the same volume of users, and you are encouraged to use Eduroam if you are eligible.

Who may access the service?

The Eduroam network is available to all LJMU staff and Students.
The LJMU_Guest Wi-Fi network is intended for visitors.

What are the benefits of the service?

Registered users can use their LJMU username (in the form and password to connect to Eduroam, not only at LJMU, but in any other participating University anywhere in the world. Appropriately configured devices automatically connect to Eduroam whenever you are in range.

The LJMU_Guest network provides instant access to visitors through a self-registration web-page. Users need to re-authenticate daily, and this service is only available within LJMU buildings.

What is included?

Users of both Wi-Fi networks get full access to the internet, and access to LJMU as if they were connected to a Wi-Fi network outside of LJMU.

The University currently provides over 750 wireless access points to provide coverage in every building, with particular focus on lecture theatres, cafes and communal areas. There are plans to grow this number to support increase in demand.

What is NOT included

You do not get the same level of access to LJMU services such as networked file-store, printing etc. as you would on an LJMU PC. To access these services, you are recommended to use the Off Campus service over the Eduroam Wi-Fi network.

Unauthenticated access is not available. This is sometimes required for non-user devices (e.g. projectors Please contact the IT Helpdesk if you have a specific requirement.

 What should I expect?

Key metrics   Target
Resolution time for problems reported to the IT Services helpdesk   95% of problems resolved within 3 working days.


The network is available 24x7. The system is designed to be resilient and any service disrupting maintenance work will be carried out outside of core business hours and at least one week’s notice will be given.

Maintenance Windows

There are no regularly scheduled maintenance windows for this service.


Help configuring your device to connect to Eduroam is available within the libraries.

Note: If you are trying to connect to Eduroam at another institution, LJMU are still responsible for providing first-line support to you


There are no charges for using this service.

What can I ask for?

There are no service requests related to this service

How do I access the service?

Access to Eduroam is provided automatically to all LJMU staff and students. A configuration tool is available by connecting to the LJMUSetup Wi-Fi network in the first instance. This tool will ensure that your device is configured correctly, which includes installing a certificate to secure the authentication process.

Access to LJMU_Guest is available via the self-registration web-page that you will be redirected to when you connect.

Guests can register prior to their visit by completing the

  Sky Wi-Fi Registration form

What are my responsibilities?

It is your responsibility to keep your password secure. You must not share your login details with others.

You must ensure you follow any relevant University policies. (See below).

Where do I go for more information?

Help with IT pages – Connect to our Network

Related Policies

By using this service, you undertake to adhere to any policies governing it. Policies relevant to this service are shown below.

IT Services Conditions of Use

Identification of Computing & Networking Users Policy

Network Security and Connection Policy

Wireless Networking Policy