Child in the community

Outreach in action

Out of the lecture hall and into the public sphere

Whether it’s giving a taste of what it’s like to study at University to sixth form students or delivering hands-on science workshops, our outreach and engagement teams are bringing LJMU out of the lecture hall and into the imaginations of schoolchildren and the general public.

Preparing future students

Each year our outreach programme works with over 70,000 pupils in North West and Northern Ireland schools and colleges, delivers over 1,000 outreach activities, enables students to attend summer schools and trains student advocates to act as role models for future students. LJMU supports 7,500 pupils from under-represented groups through our long-term widening participation programmes.

“What a great place – I loved the atmosphere and the city, and thought the student talks were excellent as they were from real life students from very different backgrounds.”

– Clough Hall Technology School student who took part in subject taster talks on campus at LJMU.

We also have outreach programmes that encourage creativity and STEM participation through schools and public engagement activities:

Promoting STEM participation

Based within the Astrophysics Research Institute, the National Schools’ Observatory continues to be a big success year-on-year. The programme sees 15,000 pupils across the UK and Ireland making 100,000 astronomical observations annually. Schoolchildren use the online tool to explore the heavens from their own classroom by remotely accessing the world’s largest fully-robotic telescope, known as the Liverpool Telescope. A team of LJMU staff provide support in the classroom helping teachers and pupils interpret the information and inspire the next generation of scientists. Recognised by the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee, the programme helps schools to overcome some of the barriers to engaging children in science, technology and mathematics lessons.

Face to Face with Sports Science is the multi-award winning public engagement initiative of LJMU’s School of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Inspiring a wide range of audiences, it aims to help people understand how sport and exercise science research contributes to enhancing human performance, from elite athletes and people with health conditions, to astronauts training for space travel. Its excellent reputation for school engagement activities sees pupils and their teachers interacting with its STEM Ambassadors and experiencing the state-of-the-art facilities at LJMU as they take part in lectures and hands-on activities from sports nutrition to biomechanics.

"Thanks for showing us how to be fit in space. I learnt you have to be fit before going to space. Also I learnt when you're in space you have to eat dry and spicy food. I enjoyed the fitness bit the most because it is good to be fit."

– Christ Church Primary School pupil aged 9 who took part in the Mission X event delivered by Face to Face with Sport Science.

Funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), the Chemistry for All programme sees pupils from local schools in years 8 through 12 engage in chemistry lessons delivered by LJMU staff from various Schools. The programme has been designed to overcome barriers to chemistry education, particularly in students from challenging backgrounds. The hope is to create a drive for curiosity in science and ensure that pupils are aware of the exciting careers and opportunities chemistry can lead to.

"Working with Liverpool John Moores University and using their labs and apparatus is brilliant for the students. I studied here and was encouraged to pursue a career in teaching chemistry."

– Thomas Clark, a teacher of science at All Saints Catholic High School talks about the Chemistry for All programme at LJMU.