Conference programme

LSA Conference sessions

Tuesday 5 July sessions will take place at:
LMI Conference Centre, 114 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5SR

Wednesday 6 July and Thursday 7 July sessions will take place at:
John Foster Building, 80-98 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5UZ

Tuesday 5 July
Wednesday 6 July
Thursday 7 July
10.00 - 10.45

Reception (LMI)
Registration and refreshments
9.45 - 10.45

John Foster: G01
Keynote presentation:
Prof Alan Tomlinson
9.45 - 11.15

John Foster: G04/G13/G12
Parallel session 5
10.45 - 11.15

LMI Lecture Theatre
Conference opening:

Phil Vickerman, Executive Director, LJMU

Bob Snape – LSA Chair
10.45 - 11.00

John Foster: G07
Refreshment break 11.15 - 11.30

John Foster: G07
Refreshment break
11.15 - 12.15

LMI Lecture Theatre
Keynote presentation:
Prof Karl Spracklen
11.00 - 12.30

John Foster: G04/G13/G12
Parallel session 2
11.15 - 12.15

John Foster: G01
Keynote presentation:
Prof Nick Crossley
12.15 - 1.00

Dining Room (LMI)
Lunch 12.30 - 1.15

John Foster: G07
Lunch 12.15 - 1.15

John Foster: G07
1.00 - 3.00

Meet at Reception (LMI)
Cultural walking tours/special collections
1.15 - 2.15

John Foster: G01
Keynote presentation:
Dr Sian Lincoln
2.15 - 3.15

John Foster: G01
Plenary session: Leisure studies, what next?

Close of conference
3.00 - 3.30

Gallery and Oak Study (LMI)
Refreshment break 2.15 - 3.45

John Foster: G04/G13/G12
Parallel session 3

3.30 - 5.30

Wolfson/Cecil Gray/Council Room (LMI)
Parallel session 1 3.45 - 4.00

John Foster: G07
Refreshment break    
5.30 - 6.30

Council Room (LMI)
LSA Annual General Meeting
4.00 - 5.30

John Foster: G04/G13/G12
Parallel session 4    

Welcome Event

Bridewell Studios
101 Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8UL
Private viewing of Francis Bacon Exhibition

Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4BB

Parallel Session 1

Tuesday 5 July 3.30-5.30
(Wolfson/Cecil Gray/Council Room - LMI Conference Centre)

1. Dr Oliver Smith
Deviant leisure and social harm - A criminological perspective
1. Professor Garry Crawford and Dr David Hancock
Cosplay: Play in the Sunshine
1. Dr Tom Fletcher
Sport, Families and Fathers
2. Dr Jayne Caudwell
LGBT Rights are Human Rights: EuroPride 2015, Rīga, Latvia
2. Gabrielle Skeldon
“We’re all born naked and the rest is drag”: leisure, gender and social media in the performance of drag
2. Professor Heather Gibson and Adrienne Kendall
Fathering in the Context of Family Holidays: the experience of non-resident dads
3. Dr Geoff Nicols and Dr Angela Benson
Corruption (or misadventure?) and Regulatory Capitalism: researching volunteers at the London 2012 Olympic Games
3. Dr Garth Lean and Dr Jenna Condie
Travel in the Digital Age: the curious case of Tinder tourism
3. Dr David Jarman
My network, without boundaries? Social network analysis and the individual
4. Professor Gayle McPherson, Dr Laura Misener, Professor David McGillivray and Professor David Legg
“It’s just so easy”: mediating gendered narratives of disability in events
4. Dr Harun Kaygan and Yunus Tuncel
Interactions in Idle Time
4. Mary Beth Gouthro
The Ethnographic Domain: what methodological gains can event studies take from the experience of leisure?

Parallel Session 2

Wednesday 6 July 11.00-12.30
(All rooms located in the John Foster Building)

John Foster: G04
Chair Lindsey
John Foster: G13
Chair John
John Foster: G12
Chair Maria Månsson
1. Dr Pete Varley and Dr Anna de Jong
Contested Scottish Foodscapes: class based moral judgements and desires for the strange
1. Nicola Palmer and Jennifer Merson
Taking and sharing photographs of restaurant food via social media
1. Dr Stephen Henderson and Professor Karl Spracklen
Music Promoting, Social Media and Community
2. Dr David Lamb
Food, Glorious Food: the family meal-time, a thriving obsession or now a tradition of the past?
2. Laura Richards
Can Girls play sport? An analysis of performative gender identity in social media responses to the This Girl Can campaign
2. Professor Erika Cederholm and Professor Malin Åkerström
With a Little Help from my Friends: relational work in a leisure-related enterprise
3. Dr Stephen Henle
Blurring the University Lecture, or not?
3. Tony Rees
War of the Worlds? Transformative Technology and Social Change: a cycling subcultural case study
3. Roos Gerritsma and Associate Professor Jacques Vork
Residents of Amsterdam and their Attitudes towards Tourists and Tourism

Parallel Session 3

Wednesday 6 July 2.15-3.45
(All rooms located in the John Foster Building)

John Foster: G04
John Foster: G13
Chair John
John Foster: G12
Chair Lindsey
1. Dr Martin Selby
Leisure and Learning: towards a more holistic understanding of international students
1. Associate Professor Mary G Parr
Leisure Studies and Best Practices in Parks and Recreation: a trickle-down effect?
1. Dr Geoff Nichols and Dr Eddy Hogg
Understanding Motivations of Volunteers in Sport
2. Associate Professor Toni Liechty and Associate Professor Rebecca Genoe
Physically Active Leisure and the Transition to Retirement
2. Alex McDonagh
Parklife Blurred: how a collaborative research approach may unmask boundaries as rhizomatic networks
2. Dr Damion Sturm and Dr Roslyn Kerr
Moving Beyond ‘insider or outsider’: the ethnographic challenge of researching elite sport facilities in New Zealand
3. Dr Suyu Liu
Participation of Tourism and Related Leisure Activities by People Living with Dementia
3. Ilja Simons
On-site and Online Rituals of Event Communities
3. Dr Laura Misener and Dr David Howe
Highy Profile and Overwhelmed: teething problems of a national sport organisation in the age of specialisation
4. Dr Paul Gilchrist and Guy Osborn
Parkour and public space: understanding risk, benefits and social value

Parallel Session 4

Wednesday 6 July 4.00-5.30
(All rooms located in the John Foster Building)

John Foster: G04
Chair Lindsey
John Foster: G13
Chair Maria
John Foster: G12
1. David Strafford
Shopping Centres and the Growth of Retail Event Tourism
1. Yong Jay Lee
Leisure Education Governance: filling a policy vacuum
1. Dr Věra Patočková
Leisure in Urban and Rural Settings in the Czech Republic
2. Dr Louise Platt and Dr Tim Edensor
Processions of Witness: Manchester Whit walks
2. Associate Professor Felice Yuen
“Drums are beaten. They are heartbeat”: leisure, healing and reconciliation
2. Research Associate Professor John Plemmenos
Leisure Hour Amusements: literary manifestations of recreational activities in the Bourgeois society of the 18th Century Blakans
3. Jordan Dawson, Mary Neville and Heike Jöns
Blurred Lines: barriers of access to London’s Olympic Park
3. David Scott
“Once they’d pushed me out of my boundaries I was like, oh, it’s not too bad, I might as well stay here!” A phenomenology of Sport-for-Development
3. Professor Lee deLisle
Understanding the Spectacular – a case study: the Medieval festival of Roccantica, Italy
4. Kate Themen and Jenny van Hooff
Kicking Against Tradition: Women's Football, Negotiating Friendships

Parallel Session 5

Thursday 7 July 9.45-11.15
(All rooms located in the John Foster Building)
Chaired by Hazel Andrews

John Foster: G04
John Foster: G13
John Foster: G12
1. Professor Ken Roberts
Writing about Leisure
1. Nienke van Boom
Exploring the Role of Leisure Amenities in Residential Choice and Satisfaction
1. Spencer Swain
Khat Chewing and Dark Leisure
2. Dr Lesley Lawrence
Reappraising Obligation and Freedom within Leisure: nobody compelled me to make the journey or write about it, did they?
3. Dr Dewi Jaimangal-Jones
Applying Goffman’s Dramaturgical Perspective to the Analysis of Leisure Experiences
2. Brett Lashua, Beccy Watson and Pip Trevorrow
Leeds: city of dance? Mapping the centres and edges of dance participation
3. Dr Peter Varley and Dr Tiffany Low
Time, outdoor leisure and luxury
3. Dr Maria Månsson
The mediatization of leisure – film and literature as drivers for leisure activities
3. Dr Bob Snape
Leisure, Sport and the Creation of Identity Through Everyday Life in Mass Observation’s Worktown 1937-1939