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Information for staff

Ensuring a safe and supportive work environment for everyone

Page last updated: 27 January 2021

Teaching will remain online for the rest of this semester, with the exception of those programmes exempted by the Government.

Stay at home

We are strictly adhering to the Government guidelines for higher education on campus activity. Unless you are required to be in the university you must work from home.

Buildings will not be open and accessible to everyone, we are working under strict control measures to reduce the number of people on campus.

You must have explicit permission from IMT to access a building to retrieve equipment or materials. Access will be limited to 15 minutes per visit and you must have a negative test before coming into the university.

The university campus is closed to visitors, research participants, film crews and the public. In the context of the Government guidance on campus activity, everyone must stay at home and we will not allow external visitors into the university. Contractors will continue to work on site and have been requested to comply with our guidance on weekly testing.

Please take a test before you come into the university

Anyone permitted on campus, for whatever reason, must be able to demonstrate evidence of two negative COVID tests within the last 7 days. You must now report your test result on the Government website.

Access for essential work

In order to travel into work, you must obtain a critical worker confirmation letter. Please request this via and you must have the permission of your director or head of operations.

Technical staff will be permitted on campus to support the delivery of teaching and research, this must be authorised by your faculty and with permission from IMT, provided that your building is open.

Access for research

Access for research staff and PGR students is limited to those who require specialist equipment and materials, continuing access to maintain experimental work or those involved in COVID-related research. Relevant risk assessments with COVID measures must be in place and this can be arranged via your Head of Operations. Research participants will not be allowed on campus.

Critical worker status

University staff have been designated with critical worker status in order to continue to provide academic delivery and to ensure that children can be given a place at school. You must obtain verification of your key worker status and can do this via

As we all know, managing the complexity of the university in these circumstances is not easy, so I would ask that you bear with us as we work through your concerns and comments.

Please follow the links below for further information. If you have questions or concerns that are not covered on these pages, or you have any feedback on the information provided, please contact

If you have questions or concerns that are not covered on these pages, or you have any feedback on the information provided, please contact