Students sitting outside

Housekeeping rules

  • Please have your LJMU card with you at all times and use swipe access in order to help us track and trace

  • You will not gain access to the university without an LJMU card

  • You must wear a face covering at all times on campus except in private offices

  • For those unable to wear a face covering, special lanyards are available from the HR team

  • You must wash your hands and use hand sanitiser on a regular basis

  • You must observe social distancing at all times
    The directional arrows around the campus must be observed but please use common sense, if you are alone in a corridor it makes sense to take the quickest route to your destination but if the corridor is congested – don’t

  • Make sure that you leave your desk clean and clear of all personal belongings 
    We are now operating a strict clear desk policy to allow our cleaning staff to do their job properly and quickly

  • Wipe down your work area before and after use with the wipes available

  • Teaching areas will be cleaned using a product which will stay on the surface for 30 days, this is the same product used on the London Underground. We will be cleaning on a more regular basis.
    You can clean an area you have used with the wipes provided

  • Do not rearrange furniture in teaching spaces, this has been laid out in measured spaces to allow for social distancing

  • Ensure that students are aware of the protocols and guidance we have put in place

  • Windows should be left open to allow ventilation

  • Only one person can access the toilets at any point in time

  • Marshals will knock on the door if a class appears to be over-running

  • If you are concerned about the health of a colleague or student, please advise them to self-isolate and take a test

  • Please be patient, everyone has a level of anxiety about this situation, and we all have a part to play in making this work