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(updated Friday 29 January 2021)

LJMU has recently announced that teaching for the vast majority of our students will remain online for the remainder of this academic year. Unfortunately, students who have accommodation booked for the current academic year in a private hall, flat or house cannot cancel their tenancy agreement before the official end date without the agreement of their Hall operator or landlord. In addition, students do not have any legal right to receive a rent rebate for any period when they are not living in the accommodation.

Hall operators and landlords may choose to offer residents the option of cancelling tenancies early and/or they may offer a partial rent refund. Some are already offering limited rebates to tenants and an updated list of these firms can be seen on the Liverpool Student Homes website. However it is entirely their decision as individual businesses and LJMU is unable to assist you personally if your operator or landlord is not offering you a concession.

It is important to note that at the time of writing, no government financial support is available to universities or to the accommodation providers for this purpose. LJMU is part of local and national lobbying efforts on this issue, as is our Students’ Union. If you are unhappy with this situation, then you may wish to contact your local MP, AM or SM to express your concerns.

If you are in financial hardship, you can apply to the Student Support Fund for help: