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How to purchase your new laptop

We are sure you are super keen and excited to purchase your laptop!

Below is a quick guide to talk you through the process. You have a voucher for £500 to use for a new laptop. Be sure to use as much as this as possible as you will not get any cash back if you do not spend the full £500.

You can also spend more than £500 in total - but you will need to pay the difference of any cost additional to the £500 voucher.

What next?

  • After you have received an email from the University to confirm your successful application, you will receive an email from Gtech - the company from which you will purchase the laptop
  • Gtech will contact you directly - you do not have to do anything until Gtech contact you. They will present you with a voucher code and a link to the student store. You will need to register for an account with Gtech
  • If you require further information regarding the most appropriate laptop for your course, please read the information
  • If during the process of registration or during purchase, you have any issues please contact
  • Once at the store page, you will need to register for an account - you must use your LJMU email address

Student store screen

  • On the next screen please complete the registration process as indicated below - be aware sometimes the request for confirming you are not a robot is a little tricky to see

Student store screen

Student store screen

  • Following completion and submission of the registration. You will receive an email link to complete the process and you will be provided with a temporary password.
  • You can now access the online shop to purchase your laptop - see examples below.

Happy shopping! We look forward to hearing about your continued learning journey and future success with LJMU.

If you have any queries or issues making your purchase following receipt of your voucher by email, please contact

Student store screen