Student working in library

The academic year

The university calendar will begin for the majority of returning students on standard undergraduate programmes on 28th September, which represents week one of teaching. 

Academic calendar 2020/2021

Online registration will open for returning students from 11th August. It’s really important that you complete registration as soon as possible to ensure that you have full access to your learning materials before the start of teaching.

New students will be asked to complete their online registration during August. It’s really important that you complete all the steps in the registration process as soon as possible to ensure that you have full access to your learning materials, including your timetable, before the start of teaching.

We are expecting new undergraduate students to be in Liverpool by 21st September when new student induction will begin; teaching for new undergraduate students will commence on 24th September.

For those courses starting before 24th September, you will be informed directly by your programme team about arrangements and will be sent details about your enrolment by registry services.

Most postgraduate courses will begin slightly later in the academic year and you will be informed of the exact start dates by your programme team. Postgraduate teacher training courses will begin on 25th August (for School Direct) and 1st September for PGDE programmes.

Academic delivery

The university will be presenting all courses with a mix of online and face-to-face teaching. We are describing this approach as Active Blended Learning and all of our academic staff are focused on how this will work in each programme. It is anticipated that live sessions and activities will be conducted on a variety of platforms so that students can fully participate and learn together as a cohort.

We will be contacting all students as part of our processes for registration (for new students) and re-registration (for returning students). We are planning that initially students will have 3-4 hours face-to-face contact time per week on standard UG programmes. 

This approach will allow us to continue teaching should there be a further need for lockdown and this should not then interrupt your academic timetable or learning outcome.

The approach is for all programmes and fully satisfies professional body requirements where appropriate.

We have a virtual learning environment called Canvas, which is an excellent platform for you to engage with academics and to progress your studies.