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Assessment arrangements

Most examinations will be replaced with online, time-constrained assessments, scheduled for Semester 1 between 4 – 15 January 2021 (inclusive) and Semester 2 between 26 April – 7 May 2021 (inclusive). Please note that these assessment periods apply to students following the standard academic calendar. Assessment dates may vary for students following non-standard calendars. The time-constrained assessments will be essentially open book examinations where you will be able to access your notes and other resources. Where required by a professional body a few assessments will be conducted as ‘invigilated’ examinations. Your Programme Leader and Faculty Registrar will provide more information, including the date and length of the examination.

The tiles below take you to detailed information about the Safety Net Policy and assessments. If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Registrar or the relevant Faculty Registrar, e-mail:

Academic Registrar: Professor Clare Milsom
Arts Professional and Social Studies Faculty Registrar: Drew Li
Business and Law Faculty Registrar: Dr Liz Whitfield
Engineering and Technology Faculty Registrar: Dr Graham Sherwood
Health Faculty Registrar: Dr Henry Forsyth
Science Faculty Registrar: Dr Graham Sherwood