Student working in library


Covid-19 means that we must be responsive and responsible when sharing our studying and working space. 

Most of information you need will be in the Covid section of this website, but while you are on campus you will be expected to follow the rules we have put in place to protect yourself and others around you: 

  1. Wear a mask, unless exempt, while moving around until you are sat down
  2. Give People Space – there is no social distancing but my mindful and respectful about avoiding crowded spaces 
  3. Get Tested – you should take a test twice a week to avoid spreading covid-19 while being asymptomatic 
  4. Get Vaccinated – take up the offer of a double vaccination to protect yourself and others

We have a responsibility to our community to show respect to them in our actions, which is why breaches of the rules will potentially trigger disciplinary action as per the code of conduct below.

You can also read more about the Joint Liverpool Students Community Pledge, which we are asking all students to commit to in their behaviour. 

The Student Community Pledge