Students sitting outside

Health and wellbeing

We have a dedicated set of student and staff services to help you – whatever your circumstances you are not alone.

This includes access to a Silvercloud online programme, which is a self-help platform with useful hints and tips to support our day to day lives and additional counselling support. We also have a range of other wellbeing resources such as mindfulness, resilience and other wellbeing information videos. 

We have a whole range of support in place for students with disabilities and the team will make sure that all reasonable adjustments are made for your needs. In each academic School we have disability coordinators who will be able to help and guide you through the support available to you on a personal basis.

Our team is available either online, by phone or in scheduled face-to-face meetings.

If you become unwell or are experiencing any difficulties at all, your first point of call will be our wellbeing team who will help to support and guide you so that you are not disadvantaged.

If you are concerned about being on campus and wish to seek alternatives to face-to-face elements of teaching you can discuss this with your programme team who will make every effort to provide course material and content in other formats.

Gym facilities

Sport and exercise can be a great way to improve your general wellbeing as well as having benefits for your mental health.  All staff and students can use the fantastic new facilities at the Sports Building on Copperas Hill.

There is a programme of free classes and introduction-sessions which will give you an opportunity to try new sports and learn new skills.  Find out more information in the Sports Facilities brochure.

To join, you just need to download the LJMU Sport App, visit our webpage, speak to a member of staff at the Sports Building reception or telephone 0151 904 6550.