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Resources for new Practice Assessment Document (PAD)

The Nursing and Midwifery Council have produced new Standards for Pre-registration Nursing Programmes (2018) that requires the introduction of a new Practice Assessment Document (PAD). Universities and practice partners across Cheshire and Merseyside have developed a number of resources to support the implementation of the new PAD.

The PAD will continue to be accessed via your online PARE account, if you do not have an account please make this a priority so that you can sufficiently support students in your area. The PARE team can be contacted by email or call 01925 534168. You will need to discuss this with your line manager or Practice Education Facilitator.

Your area will also be supported by an academic member of staff from the students university and can be contacted for additional support.

The following resources provide detailed instruction guiding you through the use of the new PAD. They are intended to enable you to embed the use of the PAD into your daily practice.

PAD walkthrough


Episode of Care

Medicines Management



Professional Values


Other resources

Ongoing Achievement Record

MORA information


MORA guide