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Teaching and learning

Teaching and learning at LJMU

Enhancing the student learning experience and developing opportunities for staff

Formally established in 2015, our Teaching and Learning Academy leads the development of teaching practice and enhances the learning experience of our students.

Every member of staff, whether they are lecturers, researchers or members of our professional services, belongs to our Academy. The services our Academy offer and the way we work with staff varies. However, in general our Academy focuses on the following areas:

  • Education enhancement
  • Curriculum innovation
  • Promotion of pedagogic research and scholarship
  • Adoption and embedding of effective practices

Evidence of our Academy’s impact is highly visible. In 2015, for example, over 450 delegates attended LJMU’s Teaching and Learning Conference. Between 2014 and 2015, staff and students worked in partnership to improve the curriculum across 39 unique projects.  Similarly, a comprehensive teaching and learning handbook has been developed to support all LJMU staff.

Our Teaching and Learning Academy is developing a varied portfolio of accredited Academic Practice programmes.  In support of LJMU’s ambitious Digital University aspirations, the team is also refining and strengthening its technology-enhanced learning support. 

Peter Byers

The LJMU Teaching and Learning Academy represents, and is relevant to, everyone within the institution; academics, professional services and students, working together as a community to achieve common student-centred objectives within a clear strategy of educational enhancement. It demonstrates our position as a forward-thinking institution that believes in the concept of 'One University'.

Peter Byers - Pro-Vice-Chancellor