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Teaching and Learning Academy projects

From internships to conferences, our Academy delivers a vast programme of activities

In this section you will find an overview of our Academy’s projects. If you would like more details about the work undertaken by our Academy, please get in touch with the team.

Projects and events

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Annual Teaching and Learning Conference

Liverpool John Moores University has hosted the Teaching and Learning Conference since 2001. At the Conference, lecturers, students and higher education professionals share their ideas, practices and experiences relating to teaching and learning.

At the 2015 Teaching and Learning Conference, 30 external organisations participated and 450 delegates attended the event. Attendees include staff from Liverpool John Moores University, members from our partner colleges as well as colleagues from across the higher education sector.

The two-day event attracts leading keynote speakers and in recent years Professor Ron Barnett, Professor Craig Mahoney, Professor Daniella Tilbury, Professor Marva Barnett, Professor Mantz Yorke and Professor Graham Gibbs have all addressed the Conference.


Surveys are key to the Teaching and Learning Academy’s work. Our Academy manages the following surveys:

  • UK Engagement Survey: results from this survey are used to enhance the student learning experience
  • Module Evaluation Survey: students can comment on individual modules. The results can be accessed by all academic staff via web-hub (please note, only academic staff from LJMU can acess the web-hub).
  • National Student Survey: students provide feedback on their course via this national survey. Results are available via Unistats.
  • Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey: results from this survey indicate how postgraduate students feel about their learning and teaching experience. The survey is undertaken with the Higher Education Academy. The results can be found in the PTES report.

Curriculum Enhancement Internships

Staff and students work together to enhance the curriculum. In 2014 and 2015, staff and students collaborated on 39 projects and have:

  • developed interactive learning resources to support course delivery
  • developed digital archives to enable greater use of primary sources
  • enhanced academic skills support
  • enhanced induction and transition support
  • developed peer mentoring
  • considered additional work-based and/or community engagement opportunities
  • developed approaches to teaching and learning related to internationalisation of the curriculum

Students provide a unique, valuable and authentic perspective within these projects. Students’ professionalism, creativity, self-motivation and enthusiasm has been consistently raised in meetings, dissemination events and project reports.

Teaching and Learning Awards

The Teaching and Learning Academy rewards academic excellence via the Teaching and Learning Awards. Categories for the Awards include:

  • Rising Star awards (£500 per award to develop teaching)
  • Individual Teaching awards (£1,000 per award to develop teaching)
  • Individual Support awards (£1,000 per award to develop support of learning)
  • Programme/Support Team awards (£2,000 per award to support dissemination activity and to develop team learning and teaching practice)  

Awards are presented to staff and teams who have made an outstanding and transformative impact to the student learning experience. For example, in 2015 the English Programme Team were awarded the Programme/Support Team award for high levels of student satisfaction and excellent Research Excellence Framework (REF) results in 2014.

We encourage all staff in relevant roles to apply for the Teaching and Learning Awards. Read the Teaching and Learning Awards Policy to find out more (please note, you will need to be an LJMU student or member of staff to access this policy).

Research and Practice in Higher Education seminars

Held throughout the year, the Research and Practice in Higher Education seminars encourage institutional discussion and debate in teaching and learning. Via presentations and discussions, the seminar series showcase examples of scholarship, practice and innovation. New light is shed on issues and challenges within higher education and new directions explored for pedagogic research and scholarly practice.

Learning Gain Project

In collaboration with the Faculty of Education, Health and Community, our Academy is involved in a three-year project funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), focusing on the development of key critical thinking skills of students as they progress through their course.

Harnessing Effective Engagement with Engagement Data [HEEED] Project

The Harnessing Effective Engagement with Engagement Data (HEEED) project’s key aim was to understand how United Kingdom Engagement Survey (UKES) student engagement data could be used in curriculum development and enhancement.

As disciplinary differences and level of study directly influence student learning approaches, the HEED project involved multi-level, multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective exploration and interpretation of the data.

The UKES data was triangulated with sector-standard programme data, including National Student Survey, student assessment performance and retention data. This helped us understand the nature of the complex relationships between student engagement, success and satisfaction.

A better understanding of the UKES data was gained by working with students and programme teams directly. In addition to this, conditional independence analysis of UKES 2015 data was undertaken. This contributed to an understanding of the underlying structure of the institutional UKES data and also contributed to an understanding of the visualising interactions and associations between different survey scales/questions.

CImap software developed at Liverpool John Moores University was used in this research.

Project resources (currently being finalised):

Cashman, S. (2016) Graphical analysis of UKES survey data (Report)

• Stacey, B. (2016) Navigating the discourses of unauthorised collusion and collaboration: a UKES narrative. Innovation in Practice, V 10 (1), p. 27-32

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about the HEED project, please contact us using the details below:

Professor Clare Milsom, Director, Teaching & Learning Academy

Dr Elena Zaitseva, Academic Research and Development Officer