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Sally's story

Sally returned to education to get the career she wanted after 10 years working in another sector. She is studying for an MSc in Forensic Anthropology.

“I studied for my undergraduate degree in Salford but didn’t really know what I wanted to do so went on to work for 10 years in an unrelated field. I then did some postgraduate work and really enjoyed it. It made me realise that I wasn’t where I wanted to be so, whilst lying on a beach on holiday, I decided to return to education.

I did a lot of research into different Universities, read student testimonials and looked into research expertise. LJMU became the obvious choice. The course had the content I wanted and the staff were very well respected in their field.

The tutors have been amazing. This was a complete change of subject for me and they spoke to me at length about my ability to succeed. They gave me introductions to the subject areas, offered me extra time and showed me how I could access extra-curricular support. Thanks to them I never once felt out of my depth. I am now working at a higher level than ever before and really enjoying it.

Liverpool is a wonderful city – incredibly liberal and massively engaging. I would recommend it to anyone. And as for postgraduate study, I would say it is the best possible way to learn more about yourself whilst exploring something you feel passionate about.”