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Ahmad's story

With a BSc in Maritime Business Management, Ahmad decided to stay at John Moores to undertake his Masters.

"The decision to go on to Masters study was a very personal thing for me. I like to do one thing at a time so I wanted to finish my education before going into work. There may not be many places that offer this kind of programme but John Moores really stands out as it is so well established and has great knowledge and experience.

Initially I thought I was going to be covering some old ground in the Masters curriculum but I soon discovered that, although the modules looked similar to my undergraduate study, you approach the topics in a very different way. You need to be far more analytical.

At John Moores the support is always there for you and the lecturers are happy to step in and offer the best advice. Liverpool itself is a great city with a unique culture and, long term, I would really like to settle down here."