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Deena's story

Having studied English Literature and Communication Studies in India, Deena joined LJMU to take her Masters in International Journalism. On graduation she hopes to launch a career in magazine journalism.

“I always wanted to finish my studies before getting a job as I think postgraduate study better equips you for work and enables you to decide what you want to do later in life.

I come from a very cultural and music background and, as Liverpool is famous for its music and culture, I was automatically drawn here. I loved that fact that LJMU’s International Journalism was a very serious, research-based course and I was lucky enough to be offered a scholarship here.

Postgraduate study is very independent and hectic but our lecturers are always there to help. I prefer being busy and, as a journalist, I thrive on deadlines so it is perfect for me.

When I came here the weather was a big shock. I have lived in Oman and India so it was a really big change. The people here are lovely though and Liverpool is a quiet, organised city which is very student friendly and offers good value for money. There is always something to do and see here and the different experiences on offer make you grow as a person. I love this place and will definitely miss it when I leave.”