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Lee's story

With a degree in Business Administration and an honours degree in Logistics, Namibian Lee Schwarz was working for a state-owned petroleum company as a shipping co-ordinator when she decided to return to education to undertake a mMsters in Maritime Operations.

"The rest of the world looks up to the UK when it comes to maritime studies so the only real decision for me was which university to choose. There was a real focus on the support available to students at LJMU. The programme offered significant industry exposure and I really like the way the University is so affiliated with the city.

Liverpool reminds me of my home country due to the friendliness of its people. I've never felt out of place here and the move over was very straight forward. At the beginning of the programme our module leader took us to the Mersey Maritime Museum. It was a great thing to do not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of making connections. As a group we clicked that day and we have been great friends ever since.

Study in the UK is quite different to study in Namibia. Picking up academic writing skills was something I had to do quite quickly but our research skills module gave us the knowledge we needed from day one. Staff here are really helpful and are always available to talk to you. Whether it's your academic tutors or the library staff, they will do whatever they can for you just don't be afraid to ask!

In terms of my future career, I would like to work in the UK in the port or maritime legal or insurance sector. I'd be more than happy to settle in Liverpool. I love the city, really enjoy living so close to the docks and am really amazed by the live music scene here people in Liverpool have so much talent."