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Domingo's story

Originating from Seville, Domingo studied a Masters in Digital Marketing.

"I first came to Liverpool on an exchange programme as part of my undergraduate degree. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone, improve my English and experience a new culture. It seems ironic then that eight years later, this is the place I think of as my home from home, a place that will launch my career and provide the openings I am looking for.

I decided to return to education after a few years working in marketing because I felt that improving my academic skills would drive my career forward. The course is giving me a broader vision of marketing, showing me what marketing can be and how it can enhance my career. The level of study is just challenging enough. I am working alongside entrepreneurs and business owners and they are impressed with the level of learning on offer. I think that taking time out of the workplace gives you the space to research and really think about your subject.

The support on offer at LJMU is massive. There is always someone to help you, no matter what your questions. Staff are always in touch with you offering support via email and there's the website and social media channels to help keep you connected. I think that sense of community is something you feel all over Liverpool. The people here are a real asset to the city, they want to help you, they believe in you and, in terms of kick starting your career, they give you opportunities. Liverpool is a thriving, developing city which is even flourishing in the current economic climate and that makes it the perfect place to study and to work."