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Tomas' story

A native of the Canary Islands, Tomas studied for his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in Germany before moving to LJMU to take his Masters in Marine and Offshore Engineering.

"I wanted to strengthen my English so I decided to look for a maritime course in the UK. I chose LJMU as some of the modules were a better fit with what I was looking for and I also have some distant family connections here.

To be honest I expected postgraduate study to be tougher than it has been. Don't get me wrong, it is certainly not a walk in the park but if you invest enough time in your studies and use the support available from your tutors, it is certainly achievable.

The biggest surprise for me has been that the modules which I considered the worst have been taught by really great professors, making potentially boring subjects really interesting and enjoyable.

The thing that stands out most about LJMU, however, has been the support from tutors and library staff. In Germany we addressed tutors formally and were very lucky to get a slot at one of their weekly, hour-long, timetabled open door sessions. I couldn't believe it when I came here, was on first name terms with the tutors and could ask them for help whenever I needed it. From the moment you come to LJMU you know that all-important support is there for you and that makes a real difference."