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Alysha's story

Having worked for a year as a sports competition intern following her undergraduate degree in History and Politics at Loughborough University, Alysha studied for her Masters in event management.

“During my year as an intern I realised that I really wanted to work in the events sector and, as my undergraduate degree was not easily transferable, I decided to do a Masters in the subject.

Postgraduate study is intense but it gives you more hands-on experience than undergraduate study and there’s always lots of support available.

The academic staff at LJMU are really lovely and understanding. When I spoke to them about my hearing problem and dyslexia, they were keen to offer whatever support they could and I felt very comfortable talking to them about it. Our tutors really do understand the pressures we are under and, because we all have full or part-time jobs alongside our studies, they are flexible with us when they need to be.

There is a great deal of academic support available and we receive frequent emails telling us about sessions and courses that may be of use to us. We always know where to turn if we need assistance. LJMU staff are ambitious and keen to push the university forward but they are never so academically driven as to forget the needs of the students who study here.”