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Duncan's story

Duncan Heenan gained an undergraduate degree in Film, Media and Marketing before moving on to work as a chef for five years. Wanting to change his career focus, Duncan came to LJMU to study for a Masters in Management.

“Having looked around and spoken to the tutors I felt that LJMU would give me the best opportunity to move into a different field. Having to go back to writing 10,000 words having only really written prep sheets for a number of years was quite a shock, but I soon realised I was more capable than I thought.

One highlight of the programme has been meeting so many different international students, another has been the chance to spend two weeks working in Italy on a placement.

One of the modules we studied was based around competencies and this has really helped me to develop my CV. With all of my past experience involving my work as a chef, I have learned how to draw on what I have done previously and project it in a way that is more appealing to potential future employers.

Postgraduate study has had a big impact on me from a personal point of view. It has helped me to focus on my time management skills and enabled me to take to things more easily. I am better organised as a person, more easy going, I can communicate better and am more understanding of others.

I would certainly recommend LJMU as a place to study. It is a well known university with a good range of courses and a really friendly atmosphere. If you are undecided I would advise you to speak to the course tutors, as I did, so that they can give you the reassurance you need.

I have really enjoyed my time at LJMU and am certainly glad that I chose to come here. I now have the confidence to apply for the jobs I want and am looking forward to my future career.”