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Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth Parrott graduated in Forensic Anthropology at LJMU before becoming the first female to study for the Drone Technology and Application Masters.

“I think postgraduate study gives you better employment opportunities and more options. I want to go into research so it was an obvious choice for me.

I originally came to LJMU and, indeed, decided to do my Masters here as the University was one of few places I could study my chosen courses.

Postgraduate study has been quite an easy step. I still have the comfort of lectures with the added bonus of research work, giving me the freedom to decide what I want to learn and where I want to go with my studies.

It is great being on a course that is so state-of-the art – each day we are learning about things which were only discovered a few months ago.

When I started the course not only was I the only female, I was also the only person with no engineering background but it didn’t matter one bit. The tutors have been brilliant and have helped me to build my expertise. I am now very confident in what I am doing.

My tutors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are all experts in their fields. They are always keen to help and see us develop, so the support on offer is amazing. It is important to read around your subject at masters level and, as the course is only two days a week, I am able to do this and hold down a part-time job to boost my scholarship funding.

On graduation I want to do a PhD which brings together the work from my undergraduate and Masters degrees. Long term I would like to work in academia or research or take my expertise out into industry.”