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Dr Matthew Hill, Programme Leader 

This fascinating Masters programme has been developed to provide our University and our city with the opportunity to see how the world operates. It covers not just the politics of International Relations but also the history and legal side of the subject.

As many of the students on this course will be aiming for a career in International Relations, we want the programme to provide as many workplace skills as possible. We will be having regular expert practitioner workshops enabling aid workers, diplomats and policy makers etc to talk about how they got into their current roles. We will also support you in arranging an internship, at home or overseas, to provide real workplace experience. Add to this field trips to London and Northern Ireland, and we will be doing everything we can to prepare our students for their future careers.

Not all students, however, will be new to the practical side of International Relations as the course is also ideal for those who already work in the field and want a qualification to support their practice. It will also attract international practitioners who would like to study in the British education system and experience a different culture. And finally there are those, perhaps now retired, who have always had a passion for the subject and want to explore it further.

In essence, if you want a comprehensive understanding of international relations theory and practice, if you want specific knowledge of particular issues within the field and if you want to be able to contextualize issues around the world, this is the masters for you.