Home Computing Interest Free Loan

The University is pleased to announce the implementation of a home computing interest free loan for staff.  This is in accordance with the University’s commitment to enable staff to develop and enhance their IT skills. 

To support this benefit LJMU has set up a partnership with a number of providers: -

Viglen (Desktop PCs)
Viglen contact is Manish Dave (01727 201 860) email : Manish.Dave@Viglen.co.uk

Getech (Laptops & Tablets)
Getech contact is Michael Kelly (01473 243 425) email : mkelly@getech.co.uk

PC World (PCs, Laptops, Tablets etc.)September offers for LJMU staff
PC World contact is Jennie (0151 530 3782) email : businesssales_2222@pcworldstores.co.uk (please note that there is an underscore between businesssales and 2222 i.e. businesssales_2222)

Before applying for this benefit please take a moment to read through the Process Document and Terms & Conditions by clicking here.

If you have any queries please contact Andy Keegan on ext. 8144


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