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Enhancing artistic research and technologies, hosting seminars and fostering a creative learning environment

Established in 2016 and based in the Liverpool School of Art and Design, ART LABS has been designed via a process of both internal and external review to manage and articulate ongoing research in the new and emerging artistic environment.

ART LABS’ has two overarching aims. Firstly, ART LABS aims to enhance the role and significance of artistic research and technologies within the broader concerns of the international and regional cultural economy. Secondly, ART LABS aims to strengthen the visibility and impact of artistic research and technologies in Liverpool.

Principally, ART LABS focuses on the following significant themes:

  • Contemporary art
  • 3D digital art and applications in the real world
  • The uses of art and cultural enrichment
  • Exhibitions and curatorship
  • Design discourse and practice

The Labs

ART LABS’ aims are realised by four distinct research groups:

  • Face Lab
  • Contemporary Art Lab
  • Exhibition Research Lab
  • Design Lab

The labs encourage interdisciplinary approaches and enhance impact and public engagement. While ART LABS aims to strengthen the identity of each lab via seminars and the recruitment of research students, the Centre also recognises the need for the labs to address significant questions and methods that may overlap.