Design Labs

Design Lab


Research undertaken by the Design Lab

A multidisciplinary group that examines design practice and design theory

The Design Lab’s research expertise combines:

  • critical theory
  • history
  • practice-led and practice-based approaches to knowledge production

The research conducted by the Design Lab demonstrates synergy between design practice and design theory and is distinctive through its diversity. At its core is the design discourse and the network of practices upon which it impacts.

Still in their infancy, the projected research strands of convergencies encompass design on the edge, which is practices that embrace or focus on those elements that are undiscovered or operate in the realms of periphery, such as design for well-being and the representation of marginal cultures through photography.

Enterprise and innovative teaching and learning within the design environment are illuminated by research themes of student-led and entrepreneurial pedagogy. As such they traverse the intersection of teaching and research.

The remediation of design practices and its cultural significance lead to dialogues of critical theory where the communicative powers of designed objects allude to the transformative nature of products. This research is evident in the projects of spatial design through themes of the vernacular and sustainability.

Rethinking notions of practice through design philosophies of sustainability, material constructions and applications of technology contribute to the enhancement of our contemporary environment. All the research fields expose the impact and influence of design in our everyday environment. The Design Lab’s research projects embody how original knowledge through practice and critical theory, lead to change of design thinking and design practice in our contemporary culture.

As a multi-disciplinary group, the Design Lab currently embraces a diverse range of research areas, including:

  • architecture
  • graphic design
  • illustration
  • fashion
  • spatial design

It is envisaged that common themes of interest will emerge in the next two years for a core group of Design Lab researchers.