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Reports and journals ART LABS have published

Every year, researchers from ART LABS publish over 50 publications

ART LABS’ (Artistic Research and Technologies Labs) academic staff create publications within a number of key disciplines, including: contemporary art, 3D digital art, the uses of art and cultural enrichment, exhibitions and curatorship, as well as design discourse and practice. Below you can see a list of ART LABS’ publications. Simply click on the year and hit the ‘Search Publication’ button.

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  • ‘“Yet Another Apartment Block…?!” A Critique of Housing Provision in Cities, and Qualities That Make Urban Houses Desirable.’

    Smith CR

    Publish date:2017

  • An exploration of alcohol advertising on social networking sites: an analysis of content, interactions and young people's perspectives

    Atkinson AM, Ross-Houle KM and Begley E and Sumnall H

    Publish date:2017

  • Are We Throwing out the Books with the Bathwater?: Dilemmas over New Directions in Library Design

    Smith C

    Publish date:2017

  • Categorizing facial creases: A review

    Hadi H and Wilkinson CM

    Publish date:2017

  • Comparison of three-dimensional facial morphology between upright and supine positions employing three-dimensional scanner from live subjects

    Bulut O, Jessica Liu CY and Koca F and Wilkinson C

    Publish date:2017

  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment for older people with cancer

    Pilkington G and Boland A and Dickson R

    Publish date:2017