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Researchers from the Environmental Technologies Research Group are focused on water and the environment. 

In particular, the Group is concerned with the development of water and wastewater treatment systems, as well as water management through the use of efficient water devises.

Recently, the Environmental Technologies Research Group completed a project with Hydro International into upflow sand filters. The work carried out by the Group was highlighted during a House of Lords reception. Hydro International, the collaborating partner, have also provided further funding for a new PhD project, which is looking into aeration and media support.

Currently, researchers from the Group are working on the British Council-DelPHE Capacity Building Initiative. As part of this project, a 2+2 undergraduate programme has been established, which will see students complete two years of study at the University of Babylon, Iraq. The students will then join Level 5 of the BEng (Hons) degree in Civil Engineering and graduate with the Liverpool John Moores University degree. Members of the Group hope to expand this initiative and are in discussions with other universities in Iraq.

PhD students are central to the Environmental Technologies Research Group’s work and students are currently conducting a variety of exciting projects. For example, one PhD project is investigating a new and novel design for electrocoagulation for pollutant removal from water. Another PhD student is working to reduce the effects of water desalination plants on the aquatic life in Libya. This project is in its third year and has shown very encouraging results, which should appear in a number of publications.

Members of the Environmental Technologies Research Group are currently developing a variety of future projects. For example, members are in discussion with United Utilities regarding the removal of nutrients from sewage sludge using novel techniques. As a partner in a large EU consortium, the Group have also just submitted an outline project on nutrient recovery from wastewater sludge. The project has an estimated value of €6.7 million.

Similarly, the Group is working with the ASCE, discussing the possibility of organising a CIWEM and ICE sponsored international conference in Liverpool. The conference would be held in June 2016 and would focus on environmental sustainability and water.

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