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Facilities Management and Real Estate Management

Learn more about the Facilities Management and Real Estate Management Research Group

Members from the Group help individuals and organisations use their real estate effectively. 

In addition to this, researchers from the Group ensure organisations’ non-core services are managed in a manner that both supports the organisations’ core business activities and helps achieve corporate objectives.

Researchers from the Group also conduct research into sustainability, especially in relation to real estate markets and sustainable communities. The practice of facilities management in the international business environment and housing affordability is another of the Group’s key focuses.

The Facilities Management and Real Estate Management Research Group has two sub-groups – the Facilities Management sub-group and the Real Estate Management sub-group.

Facilities Management

The key research themes of the Facilities Management sub-group include:

  • The strategic position of facilities management in businesses
  • Facilities management innovation
  • International studies of facilities management
  •  Management of building fabric and services
  •  The impact of facilities management on corporate strategy, financial and procurement decision-making
  •  Facilities management and customer service and satisfaction

Real Estate Management

Within the Real Estate Management sub-group, members examine many areas of both real property (landed property or real estate) and planning within the developed and developing world. These areas include:

  •  Real estate economics
  •  Risk management
  •  Emerging real estate markets
  • Land dispute resolution
  •  Real estate finance
  •  Real estate taxation
  •  Housing
  •  Landed property rights and registration
  •  Real estate investment
  •  Real estate vaulation
  •  Urban decay
  •  Real estate development
  •  Real estate law
  •  Urban renewal and regeneration

Recently, the Facilities Management and Real Estate Management Research Group were involved in the editing of a research monograph on real estate, construction and economic development in emerging market economies. Members contributed chapters to the monograph, which will be published by Routledge (Taylor and Francis).

Also, the Facilities Management and Real Estate Management Research Group have undertaken two pedagogic research projects. These projects are linked to curriculum enhancement and consider staff and student perceptions of effective feedback within the School of the Built Environment. The projects also examine linguistic transition of bilingual Welsh students studying at the Faculty of Technology and Environment.

Finally, the Group’s publications have been used to guide the policy formation of governments’ and international donor agencies, such as the World Bank.

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