Radio Frequency and Microwave Technologies

Learn more about the Radio Frequency and Microwave Technologies Research Group

The Group focuses on a variety of multidisciplinary activities.

The Radio Frequency and Microwave Technologies Group conduct research related to environmental, sustainable and renewable energies using advanced microwave technologies. Although diverse, the Group’s research themes generally relate to the following core areas:

• Microwave processing and pre-processing of materials for manufacturing
• Energy from waste (gasification, pyrolysis and torrefaction)
• Electromagnetic/microwave sensor development for a broad range of applications, such as water quality monitoring, solution composition monitoring, environmental and structural monitoring, biomedical and non-invasive sensing for health care
• Wireless sensor networks and RFID for asset tracking and environmental monitoring.

The Radio Frequency and Microwave Technologies Research Group has a very successful history and has obtained funds of £6 million over the last five years from the European Union, TSB, UK/US Ministry of Defence and Carbon Trust. The Group has also received direct funding from industry for projects related to: recycling, production of biofuel from waste oil and grass, non-invasive sensing for built environment and healthcare industries.

Collaborations are key to the Radio Frequency and Microwave Technologies Research Group‘s work and members have formed partnerships with many prestigious institutions, including: Mahidol University in Thailand, Materials Surface Science Institute, University of Limerick in Ireland, Massey University in New Zealand, Carlow Institute of Technology in Ireland, as well as Cranfield University.

The diverse range of research activities the Group undertakes means that its members come from a wide range of science disciplines, including: electronics, communications, computing, biology and chemistry. Members include academic and research staff, in addition to a number of PhD students at varying stages of their study.

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Contact: Dr Andy Shaw, Head of the Radio Frequency and Microwave Technologies Research Group


Call: 0151 231 2584


Liverpool John Moores University
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