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Wellbeing and ecologies for sustainable futures

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Conducting interdisciplinary, applied research, which is designed to have a positive impact on society, infrastructure and industry. 

In response to the climate change emergency, and guided by principles of sustainable development we are working in partnership with local communities, businesses and government departments to create solutions through collaboration which begin to mitigate the effects of climate change, reduce carbon emissions and create healthier environments for ourselves and future generations to live within.

Placing emphasis on education and holistic sustainable development, our research ambition is to implement initiatives, which influence behavioural change in the way we do, see and think about climate change. Focusing on not only the latest technologies but also the values and attitudes needed to effectively respond to climate change.

Our activities

  • Research and innovation
  • Climate change education, skills and training
  • Networking, events and knowledge sharing
  • Lobbying and informing policy

The six objectives of the research group

  1. To bring together multidisciplinary academic expertise and industry knowledge to develop and deliver the applied research needed in order to provide solutions to the latest social and environmental challenges.
  2. Support education for sustainable development to enhance knowledge, attitudes and beliefs, and gain climate literacy skills to help shape a holistic alternative future.
  3. Support inclusive growth and business agility within the Liverpool City Region (LCR) through mutually beneficial collaborative projects.
  4. Support diverse and equal representation in all activities in order to deliver solutions driven by a variety of perspectives, increasing creativity and productivity within workplaces and communities.
  5. Deliver a series of talks and seminars, which critically analyse and explore current approaches, policies and actions in the UK towards and challenge new ways of thinking.
  6. Develop strategies to reduce carbon emissions within LJMU and across the wider LCR, guided by the principles of the sustainable development goals.

Research priorities and current activity

  • Mobility, health and wellbeing
  • Education, economies and measuring change
  • Engineering sustainable infrastructures
  • Housing

Teaching and Research Initiatives

Sustainability and Employability Online Course

If you are a student at LJMU you have the option to enrol on the Sustainability and Employability short course. For more information please contact Celine Germond-Duret.

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