Relational learning

Research into the ways that learning is enacted through relationships and interaction

The research focus of this group concerns multidisciplinary interests in the ways that learning is enacted and embodied through relationships and human interaction, and how those interactions are situated within wider concerns of empowerment, agency, and participation. Specific concerns include the role of emotions, modes of communication and perception, motivation, engagement, nutrition and wellbeing of learners, how such factors impact on, and are impacted by, learning, and the role of professionals and commercial and non-profit stakeholders in the core construction of learning.


Meet the members of this group:

Current work


Assessment of trainee teachers’ competencies against the Teachers’ Standards whilst on placement
(Richard Tynan)

Developing a new instrument for the assessment of test anxiety
(Prof Dave Putwain and Dr Nate von der Emsbe, Temple University)

Attentional mechanisms in the development of test anxiety
(Prof Dave Putwain, Dr Diahann Gallard and Dr Wendy Symes, University of Birmingham)

A model of civic engagement in Higher Education
(Dr Diahann Gallard)

Reimagining nutrition education: A body and sensory reading of education for health and sickness through food
(Dr Geert Thyssen and Prof Fabio Pruneri, University of Sassari)

Learning to make sense: interdisciplinary perspectives on sensory education and embodied enculturation
(Dr Geert Thyssen and Prof Ian Grosvenor, University of Birmingham)

Developing animal awareness in early years settings and schools
(Diahann Gallard)

Children's views on environmental education, conservation and biodiversity protection
(Diahann Gallard)

Challenging the assumptions of practitioners about animals and nature related themes
(Diahann Gallard)

PhD students

Kat Cartmell: An Ethnographic exploration of starting school in England

Megan Bettinson: Assessing the impact and effect of the UK government’s counter-terrorism policies, guidance, and legislation on schools

Nicole Chavaudra: Social pedagogy as a change agent

Hannah Wilkinson: How do teachers motivate students for their GCSEs?

Chloe-Rose Cutler: Encouraging a growth mind set in secondary school learners: the role of the teacher

Catherine Dymoke: The impact of touch In dance movement psychotherapy

Joanna Beaumont: Wellbeing in secondary school students

Elaine Coxon: Attentional bias, wellbeing and test anxiety

Chloe Cutler: Teachers’ theories of intelligence and pedagogical practice in UK secondary education

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