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Sustainability, social justice and inclusion

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Research from a range of disciplinary perspectives 

From a range of disciplinary perspectives, and through equally diverse lenses, this research group focuses on initiatives relating to education for sustainable development, social justice, and inclusion in relation to global social and environmental concerns and issues of human, children’s and animal rights, gender, dis/ability, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, and various forms of agency in these contexts. More specifically, research foci include early childhood education for sustainability and its implications beyond educative environmental work with young children; promotion of awareness and understanding of education for sustainability in higher education students; considerations of peer review as a form of formative feedback within democratic assessment; global learning through STEM curricula and related gender concerns; policy and practice around support for young carers; rhetoric and praxis regarding ‘dropouts’, ‘out of school’ children and similar ‘at risk’ target groups; participatory learning and action, children’s social and emotional learning (with emphasis on gender, competence, intelligence, heteronormativity, machiavellism, whole school approaches and ‘Fundamental British values’); marginalisation of attributes of children and families not in conformity with cultural norms; inclusive and/or special education (incl. practices like streaming and setting); socially un/just and culturally in/sensitive nutrition education involving the senses and other meaning-makers; effects of marketisation of HE on staff and students; and sustainable work in design education and teacher education (subject knowledge enhancement, assessment and mentoring).


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Current work


Education for sustainable development in the early years including forest school and beach, bush, farm and zoo kindergarten pedagogies.
(Diane Boyd and Nicky Hirst)

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Technology justice challenging poverty [EC funded project including Practical Action, UK; Centre for Science Education - Sheffield Hallam University, UK; CARDET, Cyprus; Centre for Citizenship Education, Poland; and Oxfam Italia, Italy – December 2013 to January 2016 ] (Dr Angie Daly)

How do students make sense of the term Education for Sustainability within the Early Childhood Studies degree at LJMU?
(Nicky Hirst and Diane Boyd)

Beyond Pecha Kucha: Playing with visual imagery to discuss Education for Sustainability within Early Childhood Studies
(Nicky Hirst and Diane Boyd)

PhD students

Roziah Anuar: Higher order thinking skills in Malaysian primary schools

Kummudthaa Muniandy: Conceptions of the Nature, Role and Purpose of Subject Knowledge in the Initial Teacher Education of Primary Teachers

Laura Marks: The nature of teacher professional behaviour and values in secondary design and technology education

Pauline Lybert: National Curriculum versus the Alternative Play-based Curriculum: Exploring Montessori in the teaching of the English language to children with autism spectrum disorder

Michael Elliot: Problems of teaching english grammar in Libiyan universities

Bahrom Bin Mohd Isa: Teaching reading using the phonics approach in Malaysia

Rhymes Shakti: Education reform in Nepal and its effects on students’ performance in government funded schools in Chitwan and Kavrepalchowk

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