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Technologies of learning, teaching and training

Using technology to make a positive impact in teaching and learning

This research group is about emerging technology-altered and digitally transformed pedagogical and methodological practices and new forms of knowledge in education and research. It brings together researchers, academics and other education professionals to discuss and conduct empirical work in the following areas: social media in schools, data for learning, educational informatics, and digital lives and literacies in formal and informal educational settings. These topics initiate interdisciplinary research and pedagogical design that brings to the core of the group’s scholarship approaches that are not only about practices that use digital technologies but more importantly how practices in learning, teaching and training are themselves made digital within experimental, social, technical, cultural, material, pedagogical and philosophical lines of inquiry.


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Current work


Journal and Data Sources for Ed Studies, Web 3.0 Repository

A 2016 student project funded be the FREE Fund, and developed by Dr. Fran Tracy and Simon Morris with two students. The site maintains two resources: a semantically filterable archive of papers and articles relating to Education Studies (created by Dr. Tracy), and a large filterable archive of open data sets from open and government sources (created by the two students).

Tenjin: Library Gamification and Mobility App

Part of a 2015/2016 curriculum enhancement project to take gamification into libraries using first year students, with Dr. Judith Enriquez-Gibson. The Tenjin tool helped Judith study notions of student mobility within the context of first year students transitioning to life at LJMU (specifically their adopting of learning services like the library), using location-dependant challenges.

Tourism and Events Management, Semantic Web News Feed Analysis Tool

Developed with Dr. Louise Platt and a student intern, this site Student Intern project supported the 6068TEF module by providing a constantly updating resource that brought together the latest stories from 100+ news feeds relating to tourism and events management, and allowed them to be filtered and analysed based on relevant keywords in their abstracts. Students could then curate their own feed, based on stories chosen from the news feeds.

PhD students

Syed Tarek: Inclusive E-learning for Disaster Preparedness

Olumide Bobade: The use of ICT for inclusive education in Nigeria

Antony Cliffe: Investigating the Pedagogical Uses of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Geosciences Education

Julia Long: Talking back: an online ethnography of doctoral students speaking out against (dis)ableist practices in higher education

Phil Duggan: Tracking the learning journey in Post Graduate Initial Teacher Education: an exploration of ambivalence in the development of the QTS-Portfolio at LJMU

Contact us

If you are interested in working with us on a collaborative project, please contact Judith Enriquez-Gibson.