About the Centre and what we do

Research that takes a multidisciplinary approach in understanding how the brain, mind and the behaviours they manifest function.

The Research Centre in Brain and Behaviour (RCBB) was formed in September 2013. Within LJMU there is a long and creditable history of research into brains and behaviour, in health and illness, based within three Schools – Psychology, Biological and Environmental Sciences, and Sport and Exercise Sciences – as well as within the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences. The RCBB works to promote greater cross school and faculty involvement in research in all areas of the brain and behavioural sciences, applied psychology, cognitive psychology, sports psychology, affective neuroscience, psychopharmacology, animal behaviour, health psychology and mindfulness.

What have we achieved?

Since our inception we have developed our research portfolio, moving from two areas of expertise in the neurosciences to incorporate five research theses spanning the brain and behavioural sciences. Members of the RCBB continue to be successful in attracting research funding and are regularly consulted as experts by the media. See our research group pages and recent publications/media for more information.

Latest Tweets

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