Psychophysiology Research Group

Cutting edge laboratory research and collaborative partnerships with industry

The Psychophysiology Research Group comprises academics and postgraduates who study human behaviour with a focus on the interaction between psychology and physiological systems.


The group consolidates expertise in psychophysiological (EEG, EMG, cardiac measures, eye-tracking) and neurophysiological techniques (fNIRS) to study human behaviour.

Current research topics include:

  • Psychological and physiological mechanisms underlying cognitive and physical effort
  • Psychophysiological measures of embodied emotional states
  • Applied neuro/psychophysiology in human factors research
  • Psychophysiological mechanisms in social cue perception

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We collaborate with researchers across LJMU from pharmacy, computing and public health, and we have strong collaborations with external partners including the BIAL Foundation, the Geneva Motivation Lab at the University of Geneva, Leiden University, Nano Games, VU University Medical Center, Unilever, The Experimental Psychology Society, The British Academy

Teaching and learning

All staff in the group contribute to teaching modules on the BSc (Hons) Psychology programme and some to the Health Psychology (MSc) and Brain and Behaviour (MSc) programmes.


The group conducts its research within modern laboratories housed in the Tom Reilly Building. Amongst others, we have a cardiovascular laboratory equipped for the assessment of autonomic activity associated with cognitive tasks, a psychophysiology laboratory equipped for recording a range of measures including ECG, EMG, skin conductance, and eye-tracking.


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11 papers found

  • Journal article

    Assessment of threat and negativity bias in virtual reality

    Baker C and Pawling R and Fairclough S

    Publish date:01/12/2020

  • Journal article

    Personal informatics and negative emotions during commuter driving:Effects of data visualization on cardiovascular reactivity & mood

    Fairclough S and Dobbins C

    Publish date:01/12/2020

  • Journal article

    Cardiac Sympathetic Activity During Recovery as an Indicator of Sympathetic Activity during Task Performance

    Czarnek G and Richter M and Strojny P

    Publish date:18/11/2020

  • Journal article

    Investigating the Influences of Task Demand and Reward on Cardiac Pre-Ejection Period (PEP) Reactivity During a Speech-in-Noise Task

    Plain B, Richter M, Zekveld AA, Lunner T and Bhuiyan T and Kramer SE

    Publish date:16/11/2020

  • Journal article

    Age-related prefrontal cortex activation in associative memory: an fNIRS pilot study.

    Talamonti D, Montgomery C and Clark DPA and Bruno D

    Publish date:15/11/2020

  • Journal article

    The Role of the Prefrontal Cortex and Functional Connectivity during Maritime Operations: An fNIRS study

    Fan S, Blanco Davis E, Zhang J, Bury A, Warren J, Yang Z, Yan X and Wang J and Fairclough S

    Publish date:04/11/2020