Expertise in Literature and Cultural History

Our research covers a broad historical period and diverse cultures and topographies. We are drawn to the experimental loosening of categories: our work seeks to challenge disciplinary boundaries in its approaches and practices, whether critical or creative. We are concerned with the play of marginality, whether in writing from below or outside (in terms of class, gender and race); cultural engagements with geographical borders; the overlooked or everyday; and non-academic readerships. Our interest in mobilities is expressed through critical and creative outputs on travel writing, spatiality, environmental justice and the non-human. Interdisciplinary intersections with science, psychology, sociology and technology connect us to the medical and digital humanities and community engagement. Members span the areas of literary studies and creative writing, and are particularly concerned with the intersections between critical and creative practice – approaching literary studies in new ways, or developing theoretically-informed approaches to writing itself.

Our researchers offer expertise in the following broad areas: follow the links below to find out more