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PhD scholarship matched-funding scheme

Apply for the matched-funding scheme

The matched-funding scheme exists to support studentships that involve co-funding by an external partner. The student to be recruited must have a 2.1 honours degree or above in a relevant subject, but there is no need to identify the student in advance and the award is made to the academic team who are then responsible for recruitment. Recruitment must normally be within three months of the award being allocated. The external partner, who must contribute half the funds of a standard PhD, cannot be another UK higher academic institution. The start date should coincide with start of any academic term, by arrangement. Please note that students must be registered formally with LJMU and meet the LJMU entrance requirements, before the scholarship can commence.

Funding arrangements

This involves an external contribution of 50% (in cash, not in kind) towards the full cost of the PhD. These costs include fees (currently £4,300/year), a contribution to running costs (£1,500/year) and stipend (currently £14,553 / year). The total cost of the PhD studentship is therefore £61,059 and so the external partner must provide a total of £30,530 (£10,177 per year, payable each year in advance). Note that these costs may vary depending on the level of fees and stipend, which are set each year. The costs noted are for academic year 2017-18.

  • No contribution is made to consumables beyond the nominal £1,500/year towards running costs. Anything above this must be provided via a separate source
  • Schools and Faculties should note that it is a condition of ALL LJMU scholarship schemes that any HEFCE RDP money generated by these studentships will be returned to the scholarship fund, not to individual Schools and Faculties. This will then be used to support future scholarships

Please note the following:

  • The Director of Studies will be required to provide an evaluation of the project at the end of the three years and to report on the next steps
  • An academic member of staff may normally only have one match funded scholarship student at a time; exceptionally. At the discretion of the committee, this can be extended to a second student but only as Co-I
  • Copies of your student’s Annual Monitoring Report will be sent to URSKTC for oversight
  • All applications should be submitted to and approved by FRSKTC prior to being sent to the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, Scholarship and Knowledge Transfer
  • The supervisory team must have suitable space and facilities available to allow the student to complete their studies
  • Scholarships are only available to support home or EU candidates and are for full-time study only
  • The lead external partner will normally become a member of the supervisory team and where applicable a full CV should be submitted to ensure that they have the appropriate qualifications

For further information please contact Emily Walker or via telephone on 01512313366.

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