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Cocoa supplementation study

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We are currently recruiting middle-aged (40-60 years old) individuals to participate in a research study investigating the impact of short-term cocoa supplementation on physiological responses to exercise.

This study aims to establish the effects of a commercially available cocoa-supplement (rich in flavonoids) upon oxygen uptake kinetics and exercise tolerance. The study will involve two seven-day supplementation regimes (daily cocoa or placebo ingestion), separated by seven days. On the 7th day of each supplementation regime, we will assess your oxygen utilisation during exercise, and your capacity to tolerate exercise.

Participants must be aged between 40-60 years, free from cardiovascular disease and engage in less than one hour of exercise training per week to be eligible for participation in the study.

For further details on the study, please see the participation information sheet, or alternatively, email Dan Sadler.