Cardiovascular study

Effect of blood pressure on arterial function and cardiac risk

Take part in this study to determine heart attack or stroke risk

We are looking for healthy men who are aged 30-60 with no history of cardiovascular disease and not currently taking medication for cardiovascular disease.

What does the study involve?

We are developing a novel method to predict the risk of heart attack and stroke in healthy individuals. This method will then be used in patients undergoing heart surgery to predict their risk of heart attack, stroke and survival. To achieve this, we will be performing the Cold Pressor Test (CPT: Ultrasound of the artery within the neck whilst the hand is submersed in icy-cold water) alongside measuring blood cholesterol levels and other measures of cardiovascular health such as heart rate, blood pressure and cardiac output. If any abnormalities are found, you will be notified. This will take approximately 15 minutes in total.

Further information

To find out more about this study, take a look at the participant information sheet or email Arron Peace.

All participants will also receive free homemade cake.