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International Sex Survey 2021

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Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Hertfordshire are the UK collaborators of the 2021 International Sex Survey. The survey spans 20+ countries and aims to examine adult sexual behaviours, including the positive (e.g., sexual satisfaction, sexual desire) and negative aspects of it (e.g., sexual risk-taking, sexual function problems). The survey aims to a) validate publicly available scales that can reliably assess different sexual behaviors that may be used in future research and practice, b) examine risk and protective factors contributing to problematic and non-problematic sexual behaviors (with special attention to compulsive behaviors and problematic pornography use), and c) identify populations at risk of developing problematic sexual behaviors that may be targeted in preventions and interventions.

To ensure we represent as many people/groups as possible, we need to recruit and encourage participation from diverse sexual and gender minority individuals. We would therefore be grateful if you could contribute and take part in this study by clicking on the link below and completing the survey. Likewise, if you could help promote the study by spreading the word and asking people in your networks to share the link that would be very much appreciated. The study is of course completely anonymous, you can withdraw at any time and can skip questions you do not want to complete.

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