Running shoes

The influence of forefront sole stiffness on burst movement and running

Take part in our study

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences is looking for participants for a research project which involves testing sprinting, jumping and running performance for different types of shoes. This will be done by completing 20m sprints, maximal jumps and some slower paced running. Testing will be about an hour to two hours long and will take place at LJMU's biomechanics lab.

The criteria for the study is:

  • 18-30 years old
  • Engage in regular sprinting, jumping and running
  • No serious injury within last six months and are currently not injured
  • Within shoe size 8–10.5 (UK)

Further information

Details of the research is included in the participant information sheet. You can also get in touch with Ryan Kenyon or Jonathan Barth for further information.