Walking up stairs

Optimising the appearance of visual cues on stairs to help improve stair safety 

Can you take part in our stair safety study?

Interested in taking part in a research project that investigates how visual perception changes in response to visual cues on stairs? 

Testing will involve a computer-based task where we will ask participants to compare and judge the height of a step on images of stairs. It will also involve a vision test, a cognitive test and health-related questionnaires. With these measurements we will be able to provide you with an understanding of your own visual function, cognitive function and how you visually perceive stairs. From this project, we aim to better understand how stairs can be optimised in appearance to help improve stair safety.

If you are aged 60+ or between 18-35 years and are interested in participating, please look at the information sheet for details about this project. Contact Timmion Skervin for further information.