Training page

This is a header. You can change the header by clicking within this box.

This is a subheader and this can also be changed by clicking in the box.

Editing type and setting it bold:

This is a text box, here you can add text by pointing your mouse over the text box and by typing in the area. You can delete text, create new paragraphs and make the text bold just as you would in any text editor. 

Creating a heading:

This is a heading and can be set from

heading 1


heading 5
Creating a new paragraph:

To start a new paragraph within the copy text box, use the 'enter' button on your keyboard. The cursor should jump to a new line.

You can also check that it's created a new paragraph rather than just a break by clicking on the 'HTML' button, the tags should start like this: <p> and should always be closed with this tag </p>.

Making the text bold:

To make text bold, select the text and then click on the B button on the toolbar.

Inserting a link:

Links can be created within the copy text. A link can be a hyperlink to an internal page or an external page and a link can also be to an internal document which has been uploaded. To create a hyperlink, select the text and go to the Hyperlink Manager on the toolbar and add the web address to the url. The hyperlink can also be a Primary Button, as below. Within the Hyperlink Manager, choose CSS Class > Primary Button.

Primary button

Adding and editing a bullet and numbered list:

To add a bullet or numbered list, click in the area where you want to insert the list, click on the bullet list icon on the toolbar.  

Creating a bulleted list:

Add 'oranges' to the bullet list below

  • apples
  • pears
  • bananas

Create a numbered list below.

Inserting an image:

Liverpool dockside

You can add an image within the copy text box. The image can be wrapped in the text or inserted like the example. All images must include alt text, alt text provides the users with a description of what the image is if they are using screenreaders or have their images turned off. Waterfront

Adding and editing section links

Below is a section link.  Can you add another section link with an image, text and link to the LJMU homepage.

How to add an FAQ

Adding an FAQ

This text can also be edited just like the copy text box. Video and links can also be added within an FAQ item too.

Example 5 - embedding a youtube video


Adding another FAQ

Text can go here.