LJMU BAME Staff Network

Useful information

What does BAME mean?

The abbreviation "BAME" which is also somethings referred to as "BME" stands for: Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic and refers to a population-demographic. 

What is the LJMU BAME staff network and what do they do?

The LJMU BAME Staff Network is open to staff whom identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, in the first instance. 

Allies (people whom support Race/Ethnicity-equality) are occasionally invited to attend meetings, when appropriate.  

The purpose/responsibilities of the network:

  • Provide a safe and confidential environment to meet other BAME Academic and Professional Services staff and share experiences, opinions, concerns and ideas
  • Provide opportunities to inform and influence the University’s policies about BAME academic and support staff
  • Provide creative and clear pathways to encourage promotion to higher grades
  • Help create a culturally inclusive campus
  • Signpost information about research and policy development
  • Discuss, question, challenge and take action to promote race equality and diversity

LJMU BAME staff network Terms of Reference

How to join the LJMU BAME staff network

If you are a member of LJMU/JMSU Staff whom identifies as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic and would like to join the LJMU BAME Staff Network, please email your request to equality@ljmu.ac.uk

You will then be added to the network mailing list and will receive relevant communications and invites to related meetings/events. 

Equality Allies

If you are a member of LJMU/JMSU staff and are keen to support Race-Equality, you can join the "Race Equality Allies" mailing list, where you will receive relevant communications including invites to related events and a select number of BAME Staff Network meetings per year. 

To become a "Race Equality Ally", please email your request to equality@ljmu.ac.uk.