Meet The LJMU LGBTIQ+ Staff Network Officials

The following members have taken on key roles within the network: 

  • Ray Burns (Network Co-Chair)
  • Bee Hughes (Network Co-Chair)
  • Liz Greene (Network Co-Chair)
  • Phil Bakstad (Acting Secretary) 

Network Officials | Roles & Responsibilities

All Network Officials will be expected to;

  • Positively represent the network
  • Support the network and members whom have taken on additional key roles as Network Officials
  • Help champion network and LJMU EDI priorities


The Chairperson(s) / Co-Chairs, has a strategic role to play in representing the vision and purpose of the network. The Chairperson ensures that the network functions properly, that there is full participation at meetings, all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out.

Project Lead/Co-ordinators:

Positively represent the network by championing network and university-wide EDI priorities by leading on projects/initiatives. Support the Network Co-Chairs and Network Officials where needed. Support the design of related LJMU Staff Network web-pages by providing relevant content. [LJMU EDI Priorities 2020 - 2024]

Event Coordinator & Community Liaison:

Are proactive in their approach to event co-ordination; they secure dates/times/locations/guest speakers/etc. for activities. They coordinate the logistics of each event, source funding and provide plans for network members to support proceedings. Support the design of related LJMU Staff Network web-pages by providing relevant content. They approach and disseminate information to/from the LJMU and local community regarding networking/engagement opportunities and events.

Marketing & Social Media:
Support the event coordinators by creating and disseminate marketing materials, that relate to engagement opportunities/events that the network create via social media and other media avenues. Support the design of related LJMU Staff Network web-pages by providing relevant content.

Working closely with the Network Co-Chairs to co-ordinate network meetings and disseminates information (i.e.; agendas, action control registers, etc.) to the network ahead of each meeting. Take notes during network meetings and pull out key actions for network members to take forward in the absence of Note Takers.

Note Taker:
Capture the essence of network meeting discussions, through the creation of notes and a related action control register. Work closely with the Network Secretary to ensure all relevant information is disseminated in good time.

Equality Advisers (EDI Team):
Provides relevant information on equality, diversity and inclusion related issues/data, which relate to network activities and initiatives.

  • Moni Akinsanya (EDI Manager & Network Advisor) 
  • Holly Nicholls (EDI Network Advisor)