Capital Projects

To view our current works programme for Byrom Street Campus have a look at the Contractors Site Logistic Plan. This shows all the work we are dealing with in the summer rollout.

Faq Items

Mount Pleasant Campus

Copperas Hill

  • The planning application has been submitted for the student life and sports buildings.
  • The next stage is the procurement of the contractor.
  • Start on site scheduled for Winter 2018.

4-6 Rodney Street - Liverpool Business School (LBS)

  • Following the competitive tender exercise, Senate Group were appointed as the contractor for the project.
  • Work started on the site on Monday 21 May.

Haigh Building

  • Work continues on the adjoining site that will form part of a development to bring forward new student residences and a new academic teaching building for LJMU.

John Lennon Art & Design Building

  • X-Gallery – Progressed to stage 4 design development. Works scheduled for late July into October.
  • Boiler flue installation – Works will take place over the summer.
  • Electrical works installing power poles on 4th floor to replace floor boxes. To be complete September.

Redmonds Building

  • Minor refurbishment of office space, room 318 to be conducted over summer.     

John Foster

  • Works ongoing within basement to upgrade DDA facilities and improve access including automatic doors, hold open devices and works to stairwell.
  • Teaching rooms 205-210 and room 204 will be refurbished over the summer. Due to be released for tender. Works to take place July to September.
  • Exterior decoration to rear of building (Moot room to Student Union area) over the summer.
  • Electrical work – various minor works over the summer period.
  • External fire-escape stairs will be replaced.
  • Drama studio – Mechanical and Electrical works over the summer.

Aldham, Aquinas and Pavilion

  • Stage 3 design is due to be completed early June when the planning application for the Pavilion will be submitted.
  • Site investigation will commence shortly in the John Foster garden area. A start on site for the Pavilion is scheduled for Autumn 2018.
  • The next stage is contractor procurement.
  • The Aldham refurbishment is scheduled to start in late Summer 2019 following completion of the Pavilion with Aquinas commencing Summer 2020 following SLB completion.

City Campus

James Parsons

  • Passive fire protection works planned throughout building.
  • Phase 1 and 2 - Summer works refurbishment of office space on 2nd, 6th and 7th floors out for tender mid-May.
  • Phase 3 - Summer works - Faculty of Science lab, office and teaching space refurbishment 1st and 2nd floor.

Modular houses (Urban Splash and Flood Safe)

  • Planning application submitted, works scheduled for summer.

Smart Flower (solar panel system)

  • Construction works underway, completion date 9th June.

  • Peter Jost

    • Refurbishment of 1st and 2nd floor office and lab/teaching spaces for summer works. Out for tender mid-May.
    • Passive fire protection works planned throughout building.
    • New chiller to be installed during the summer to provide cooling within the building.

    Engineering Annex

    • Refurbishment of G.02 office space during summer works.

    Tom Reilly

    • Passive fire protection works planned throughout building.

    Waste Compound

    • Design agreed, tender process underway, works scheduled over summer period.

    Marybone, Peter Jost Upper and Cherie Booth

    • Lecture theatre and lobby refurbishment:
    • Kier have been appointed to undertake works which will be delivered over summer for start of semester one.
    • Works include improved lighting, new seating layout, new AV and redecoration

    Avril Robarts Roof

    • The tender process for this work has been completed and the contract has been awarded.

    Tithebarn Street and Avril Robarts

    • The Tithebarn and Avril projects have been combined - due to their proximity and programme requirements.
    • Stage 3 design for both projects will be completed by mid-June. Contractor procurement has commenced.
    • The initial decant will commence early June with all books from the 1st and 2nd floors at Avril being placed on the 3rd floor - prior to the lift replacement project.
    • Staff decant from Tithebarn will commence in early August and the IT suite in the Space will be temporarily relocated to the former admin area on 1st floor.
    • Information boards for the project have been placed in Avril reception.

    Henry Cotton

    • Public Health Institute are relocating from 2nd floor to Exchange Station early July. Following this move Nursing and Allied Health staff offices will decant on temporary basis to Henry Cotton.
    • Works to upgrade fire doors in core areas will be completed over the summer.
    • Works to replace fire doors to risers and fire escape routes due to begin 29 May.

    Exchange Station

    • Public Health Institute (PHI) 3rd floor. Work began on site Monday 30 April for 11-week programme.
    • Amendments to lease in progress for adaptions to first and second floor areas in order to relocate CBCI and Corporate Comms.

    Great Crosshall Street

    • Works to staircase 3 –  Plastering is now complete and redecoration is in progress. Expected completion date 1 June.

    IM Marsh Campus

    Holmefield House and Primary Base

    • Staircase refurbishment is underway (laying new vinyl floor), due to complete 30 May, carried out by Crown Flooring.
    • Various mechanical works underway at IM Marsh campus.