LJMU aligns itself with the AUA. The AUA is the leading professional body for Higher Education staff within professional services roles. 

As an organisation, the AUA exist for their members. They offer support to help you enhance careers, boost your job prospects and create valuable networking opportunities. In short, they empower their members to take control of their career development.

AUA Mark of Excellence

AUA Mark of Excellence LogoLJMU achieved AUA Mark of Excellence in January 2018; a new award for Higher Education Institutions which recognises that the organisation has demonstrated its commitment to working with the AUA Statement of Values and AUA CPD Framework and has embedded them into its organisational development provision. LJMU is only the second institution to achieve this standard and first post-92 University.

LJMU AUA Accreditation Programme

This is a two-day taught development programme designed to support all staff - Professional Services, Academic and Research staff - who perform professional services roles (administration, management and technical), in gaining professional recognition and accreditation at Accredited Membership level with the AUA. It is also aimed at enhancing participants' continuing professional development (CPD) aligned to the AUA CPD Framework. Staff who successfully complete the programme will be entitled to use the post-nominal designation AMAUA on any correspondence.

The programme is engaging, pragmatic and activity based. It adopts a blended learning approach utilising virtual session delivery and the Canvas virtual learning environment. It provides participants with valuable ways to enhance the impact and influence of their work within the nine AUA Professional Behaviours. It is recommended for staff wanting to enhance their CPD related to working in HE and gain professional accreditation for this.

For further information see: AUA Accreditation Programme

Programme Leader: Michael Monaghan - 0151 904 6112

LJMU AUA Staff Network

The LJMU AUA Staff Network is a staff network run by LJMU AUA members. It is a staff community which includes all LJMU AUA members. The Network has quarterly Members' meetings for staff to meet up informally during lunchtime for one hour. Members’ meetings are for members to meet each other, catch-up, chat, hear AUA news and information from AUA Advocates, try AUA resources, discuss and organise Network events, and to collect AUA feedback for the AUA Advocates. Members are encouraged to bring their lunches to these meetings. The LJMU AUA Staff Network is led by its Chair and Deputy Chair.

LJMU's AUA Advocates are LJMU's liaison with the AUA and should be contacted for AUA enquires relating to membership and AUA information and feedback. The LJMU AUA Advocate contact details can be found on LJMU AUA Staff Network Webpage.

If you are an AUA member (or interested non-member) and would like to learn more about the LJMU AUA Staff Network please visit its webpage LJMU AUA Staff Network Webpage

AUA’s Values

The AUA exists to advance and promote the professional recognition and development of all who work in professional services roles in higher education, and to be an authoritative advocate and champion for the sector.

AUA members are individually and collectively committed to:

  • Advancing education for public benefit through sharing professional knowledge and practice
  • Developing our own and others’ professional practice
  • Actively championing a professional culture of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Working to the highest standards of fair, ethical and transparent professional behaviour

The AUA believe this new statement of purpose and values is underpinned by the nine Professional Behaviours from the AUA CPD framework. Together these create a coherent cascade from high level to practical context for AUA members and the profession.

This model of professional behaviours highlights behaviour patterns that distinguish effective performance in HE professional services roles. The professional behaviours were developed through desk research, consultation questionnaires, workshops and focus groups which first took place in 2008. A total of 96 professional services staff representing 48 HEIs were involved in generating the behaviours. The model forms part of the AUA CPD Framework originally published in 2009, and was revised and refreshed in 2016. AUA

There are nine key behavioural categories:

  • Managing self and personal skills

Being aware of own behaviour and mindful of how it impacts on others, enhancing personal skills to adapt professional practice accordingly.

  • Delivering excellent service

Providing the best quality service to external and internal clients. Building genuine and open long-term relationships in order to drive up service standards.

  • Finding solutions

Taking a holistic view and working enthusiastically to analyse problems and to develop workable solutions. Identifying opportunities for innovation.

  • Embracing change

Being open to and engaging with new ideas and ways of working. Adjusting to unfamiliar situations, shifting demands and changing roles.

  • Using resources effectively

Identifying and making the most productive use of resources including people, time, information, networks and budgets.

  • Engaging with the wider context

Enhancing your contribution to the organisation through an understanding of the bigger picture and showing commitment to organisational values.

  • Developing self and others

Showing commitment to own ongoing professional development. Supporting and encouraging others to develop their professional knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to reach their full potential.

  • Working together

Working collaboratively with others in order to achieve objectives. Recognising and valuing the different contributions people bring to this process.

  • Achieving results

Consistently meeting agreed objectives and success criteria. Taking personal responsibility for getting things done.

Each behavioural category has been considered at three levels.

  • Self: behaviours that may be observed whatever the working situation
  • Others: behaviours that may be observed when interacting with and influencing others, or when managing colleagues
  • Organisation: behaviours that may be observed when influencing at organisational level or representing the organisation

LJMU aligns itself with the AUA Professional Behaviours, embedding them with its staff and working cultures.

If you would like any further information about the AUA, how LJMU works with them, Memberships, Accreditation or how their CPD Framework can be used as development needs analysis tool for self-assessment and reflection, please contact: Leadership and Development Foundation,, 0151 231 8014.