LJMU AUA Network

The LJMU AUA Network is a communication and development platform for our AUA members and potential members to engage with each other and enhance their CPD.

During each academic year the LJMU AUA Network will host activities and events, based on the nine Professional Behaviours from the AUA CPD Framework


AUA members will also be given the opportunity to request sessions and development activities on particular areas of interest to them. Members will be encouraged to get involved with the design and delivery of sessions and events to further enhance their CPD. 

Some sessions will give members the opportunity to win an LJMU AUA CPD Award for development related activities, voted for by attending members; the AUA North West Network are funding the Awards.

Event Programmes

LJMU AUA Network Forums will be 90 minutes long and usually run over lunchtime. They will be based on particular AUA Professional Behaviours and/or LJMU job roles, and may feature:

  • A presentation/talk/activity from a guest speaker with expertise in that area
  • A presentation/talk/activity from an AUA member to share their work, best practice or reflections in that area
  • A development activity to enhance members’ ability to impact their own work, others’ work and help colleagues with their development for that area
  • Time for discussion and networking
  • A development competition for an LJMU AUA CPD Award

Schedule of LJMU AUA Network Activity will be released soon.

For enquiries about the LJMU AUA Network please contact aua@ljmu.ac.uk or any of our LJMU AUA Advocates below:

Anne Pettitt


AUA Advocate

Janine Melvin


AUA Advocate

Jayne Bryson


AUA Advocate

Joan Graham


AUA Advocate

Steven Altham


AUA Advocate and Deputy AUA Regional Network Coordinator

AUA CIVIC (Cross-Institutional Virtual Interactive Collaboration)

AUA CIVICs (Cross-Institutional Virtual Interactive Collaboration) provide our North Wales and North West region of HEIs an opportunity to work together, share ideas and good practice, enhance our CPD, network and develop our regional strategies and objectives. Up to nine institutions from the region participate in each CIVIC using video conferencing via Google Hangouts. This year's AUA CIVICs will be scheduled soon.