LJMU AUA Staff Network

Network Terms of Reference

The LJMU AUA Staff Network is a staff network for LJMU AUA members and interested non-members. It is run by members, for members. It is an autonomous staff community and a democracy. The LJMU AUA Staff Network is led by the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Network, with support from the LJMU AUA Network Coordinator. The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Network are nominated and selected bi-annually by attending members at the last meeting of a given academic year. While a Chair is being selected the Network is led by the Network Coordinator.

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Members’ meetings are quarterly and are an hour long over lunchtime. Members’ meetings provide regular informal opportunities for members to engage with each other socially. Members’ meetings are for members to meet each other, catch-up, chat, hear AUA news and information from AUA Advocates, try AUA resources, discuss and organise Network events, and to collect AUA feedback for the AUA Advocates. Members are encouraged to bring their lunches to these meetings. These meeting are currently virtual and cover the same guiding principles and friendly, inclusive approach.

Members’ meetings are organised by LJMU AUA Staff Network Chair and Deputy Chair. Although these meetings are informal AUA catch-ups, the Chair/Deputy Chair may set an agenda if they feel it is necessary (such as if requested by other members). Chair/Deputy Chair invites all LJMU AUA members to Members’ meetings via MS Outlook calendar meeting requests. At each meeting AUA news, information and resources are shared by an AUA Advocate. Chair/Deputy Chair fulfilling this role when an Advocate is unavailable.

Network events are discussed and agreed by members at Members’ meetings. The Chair/Deputy Chair facilitate these discussions and group decisions. Non-AUA members interested in learning more about the AUA and/or joining are welcome to Members’ meetings. This should be facilitated through the Chair/Deputy Chair (or Netwrok Coordinator.

Chair: TBC Deputy Chair: TBC

Network Coordinator: Michael Monaghan M.A.Monaghan@ljmu.ac.uk

For enquiries about the AUA please contact aua@ljmu.ac.uk or any of our lead LJMU AUA Advocate:

 Janine Melvin J.M.Melvin@ljmu.ac.uk  AUA Advocate

 Follow us on Twitter: @AUA_LJMU